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When we think of aging we know it’s something we all do, and that is true. However, looking around at your aging peers, it’s easy to see that we don’t all age the same way. So why do we age differently, and is there something we can do about how we age?

The first thing many of us think of – who reach the #Next50 years of their life – is: Genes and DNA. As in: The way one ages is based on how their parents and grandparents aged. Science has shown us this is only partially true. In fact, the longer we live, the way we age is based more on lifestyle and less on DNA. With that said, consider this: If your grandparents and parents ate fried / fatty food, and you continue doing the same, then it’s easy to think that it’s genes. In truth, and in this case, it’s the bad food.

We truly live in an age of wonders! A test can determine one’s personal Genetic Fingerprint; wearable sensors can instantly notify your healthcare provider of a change in your emphysema, diabetes, or congestive heart failure; you can wear a device to prevent migraines; your physician can introduction T-cells into your body to boost the immune system to help fight cancer; and, your inability to smell peanut butter, may be an early indication of Alzheimer’s.

In addition to these, there are things you can do, right now, which will make a difference in your overall health and wellbeing. A warning though: This won’t be easy. You will have to work on these; and that means every day .. every morning .. for the rest of your life. Interested? Let’s take a look.

One. Commit to Change

Commit to improving your health – from what you eat and drink, to how you exercise and how much fresh air you get.

Commit to being rid of stress. Stop feeling guilty or criticizing yourself. Stop being so judgmental and complaining. Start now, this very moment. Let go of the past and appreciate the moment.

Two.  Embrace with Grace

Shift your focus and perspective from negative to positive. Choose to see the ‘other side’ and try to find the ‘bright side’ of every situation.

Three.  Dream with your Eyes Open

Express your heart’s desire! Do those things you have only thought of. Cast off fear and doubt (#One) to do, and say, and FEEL the way you have long wanted to. Don’t allow how others think of you dictate your life.

For me, the beauty of being a #Next50 is not having someone tell me how to live my life! I don’t care about pleasing anyone but myself .. and the only expectations I have are self-placed (which includes #Six, thank you!).

Trust every step you make, because it’s based on decades of experience! It’s alright to forget someone’s birthday .. that’s why we have calendars! But don’t ever forget what makes you happy! Don’t be so grown-up or so old that you have forgotten what you want to do with your life.

Four. One Step at a Time

No .. that is not a cliché. Focus on the journey .. not on the destination. Focus on taking the step .. not so much where it’s going to take you.

Join a 5k Run/Walk .. and walk. You will have plenty of walking partners, so people to share your journey with. Get out there .. I’m sure there are people who are waiting for the inspiration that only you can bring!

Five. Let Go and Let Good

How long have you been alive? Fifty, sixty .. eighty years or more? You have not arrived here by the seat of your pants, but by Trust, Faith, and Goodness. Trust in yourself, have faith that you are capable, and that you have goodness in abundance.

You have Life Wisdom .. and that includes something those in the #First50 don’t have: Perspective! You can see the Big Picture .. so know full well the value of being compassionate and loving towards not just others but YOUR SELF.

Do Good. Be Good. Celebrate you and the life in you. And ..

.. Have trust as tiny as a mustard seed,
you will be able to say to this mountain,
`Move from here to there!’ and it will move;
indeed, nothing will be impossible for you!
-Matthew 17:20

Six. Failure IS an Option .. and it’s OK

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ll bet if you were trying to encourage a friend, you would use supportive and comforting words. Yet, when talking to our self, we tend to be harsh and unforgiving.

Failure is only a mistake, and for every one of those, you have gotten up, dusted off, and tried again. What makes living in your #Next50 any different?

When we allow our self to fail, we are being GOOD to our self (#Two). I know you know that there are no mistakes .. that every event has been an opportunity to learn. Just because we were uncomfortable while in it, doesn’t detract from the value of the lesson.

Last. Find your Crowd

Surround yourself with likeminded people. Find those who you are motivated by, and you will find that they are also motivated by you. Life is not a two-way street .. but a plethora of paths!

Every race I run I see less women my age, so I have taken to saying: ‘My percentage is getting smaller.’ Which is not a bad thing (#Two), because it makes it easier to find the cheerful, supportive, positive people like myself!


If someone says you are ‘too old’, then WALK AWAY. Steer clear of those who would belittle your ideas (#Three). Commit to going with the flow .. bobbing on the surface as you float over the challenges .. as you drift into a more powerful you!


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