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Robb McCormick Photography www.robbmccormick.com

Once again, #FleetFeetColumbus sponsored a great race! Since moving to Ohio (almost two years now!), I have participated in several area and state races (and a few in Vermont and Michigan). By far .. Fleet Feet hosts an awesome venue!

It’s all about the #RocksAndRootsTrail at Alum Creek; a course that Fleet Feet volunteers are always working-on .. aka: improving and expanding. This season, there were new foot paths, wooden walkways, small bridges, rope assists, and lots of clearing of brush. Great job!

Which is what makes running their races so good: LOVE! They sponsor and/or cooperate in so many events .. and sure, it’s a $$ maker, for sure, but to give this much TIME and ENERGY .. that makes it a PASSION.

At the least, my guy and I always have a blast on the Rocks and Roots trail at Alum Creek Marina. And you don’t have to run it. When we go during the week, there are dog-walkers and bird-watchers there .. and with it skirting the lake .. the views are spectacular. So it’s a great place to explore, away from all the great metro / paved parks.

#Next50 is certainly represented there!

In my Age Group: 50-59, I was 7 out of 11; and my guy was 5 out of 62.

Hhmm .. more male #GreyBerets than females!

And of the two of us, we have different running styles. I am more about cross-training, which means I run and lift weights. I also carry my own hydration and trail food.

Robb McCormick Photography www.robbmccormick.com

My guy just runs ..

Robb McCormick Photography www.robbmccormick.com

And we both see results. My point is: There is no one-size / fits-all. It takes trial and error to figure out what works best for you. Even when searching the internet. Most the information there is based on a mean average age of 20-30, with no considerations for health or current lifestyle. This is where a Personal Trainer makes all the difference.

I am both my own Personal Trainer, and my guys. At home I cook our meals, to assure we eat right. I also plan our training schedules – which, again, are very different. His needs are not my own, and vice versa.

When you’re #ReadyForReal .. give me a call!


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